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Check back for Coldwater’s product of the month. Scan the specs and bring yours home. You’re bound to find your favorite new toy when you visit Coldwater Gun & Pawn.

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We’re known for representing Coldwater at gun shows throughout Michigan. See if we’re coming to a location near you. Benefit from exceptional offers on your favorite models.

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For more information about gun shows, weaponry or our pawnshop, contact Coldwater Gun & Pawn at 517-924-0600. We can’t wait to outfit you with new firearms merchandise.

Are You Gunning for Quality?

Coldwater Gun & Pawn hits the mark

If you need an excuse to purchase a phenomenal gun, we can provide one. There’s always room for another rifle on the rack. In addition to treating yourself, you can also provide increased protection for your friends and family. While some dealers may take advantage of your goodwill, the Coldwater staff talks straight. Self-preservation is important. The world is unpredictable. Be prepared and keep your Coldwater weapon close at hand for emergencies.

4 reasons to purchase a gun in Michigan

  1. You can’t put a price on peace of mind
  2. In a dangerous world, self-defense is warranted
  3. Hunting season calls for a firearm
  4. Maintain your garden and shoo away varmints

Finally, a pawnshop worth perusing

You typically drive right past pawnshops. Their shelves resemble the contents of your junk drawer – and you have enough in that drawer already. Coldwater Gun & Pawn is different. We supply the community with fantastic bargains.

Come in to browse our ever-expanding collection of DVDs and Blu-ray discs. We also have newer video game consoles, home stereo systems, and musical equipment. Call 517-924-0600 with special inquiries or general questions.

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