One Man’s Junk Really Is Another Man’s Treasure

One Man’s Junk Really Is Another Man’s Treasure

Pawn your valuables at the Coldwater store

Pawnshops typically don’t have a reputation for stocking quality merchandise, but if you’re thrifty and looking to make fast cash, Coldwater will put your belongings to good use. Unlike other pawnshops, ours features a friendly and welcoming environment. You can trust us to take clutter off your hands. What’s more, we’ll pay you for the privilege.

Call 517-924-0600 for store hours and information. We purchase:

  • Unused gift cards
  • Home stereo systems
  • Flat Screen TVS
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Estates
  • Fishing equipment
  • Gold jewelry and Silver coins
  • Musical instruments and amps
  • Newer video game consoles

If feel apprehensive, here are three reasons to visit Coldwater’s pawnshop:

  1. You can finally get rid of valuables taking up space
  2. You can browse our huge selection of DVDs
  3. You can always change your mind

If you come to Coldwater and suddenly think of a purpose for those old silver coins, you can walk right out with them. Our staff won’t pressure you to part ways with your belongings. We have some of the lowest pawnshop prices in the area, so come on in to buy or sell – you’ll leave with money saved or money gained, every time.